Hello everyone, wishing everyone well. With the concerns of the Coronavirus and whether businesses
    that are open and that have supplies, we are open and here to help. We have your feed and hay, and
    other supplies that you may need.
    We are concerned about everyones health and peace of mind. We are disinfecting the counters tops,
    doorknobs, and common areas throughout the day.
    It has always been our policy to load your vehicle for you and keep a safe distance. This will be
    respected for both sides.
    It is possible that you can call your order in ahead for a later pickup or for someone else to pick up your
    order. As of now, our hours of operation will remain the same, (Monday-Friday 8:30-6:00, Sat 8:30-4:00,
    and Sun 9:00-2:00). Our hours are subject to change with the conditions.
    Keep safe, stay healthy and keep the faith. We will all get through this just fine. See ya soon, Nancy and
    the Crew at BF&S