• Product Availability


    We carry a wide range of feed for your animals’ needs. Our main feed suppliers are Nutrena, Seminole, Specialty Feeds, Sunshine Mills, and Higgins.


    We carry Coastal hay (square and rolls), orchard alfalfa, timothy alfalfa, alfalfa (3 string), timothy, straw, small bags of hay for pets. We offer discounts with volume on the coastal hay products.


    We carry a wide range of bedding products to meet your needs: large flake, medium flake, sawdust, pine pellets, PDZ, and small pet bedding.


    We carry a wide range of wire, posts, gates, and nails. Wire styles include chain link, livestock, pet, electric fencing, hardware cloth and chicken fencing. We help you measure and figure out the materials you will need. We can also deliver if needed.


    We carry Gates of all sizes and styles: pipe, large mesh, small mesh, and chain link. We also carry Ghost Gate Openers and accessories. We also carry gate latches and gate wheels. Cattle gates or Round Pen Panels with gates, if you need a round pen, portable stall, or fix yourself a cow pen, we can “hook” you up. We also carry Hog panels or bull panels @ 16’ in many different varieties.

    Buckets and Tanks

    We carry buckets of all sizes and style for pets or livestock. Water tanks of all sizes in both metal and plastic. Auto water floats, feed troughs, hay feeders, hay rings, muck buckets, garbage cans of all sizes both metal and rubber. We also carry stall mats.


    Fence tools, shovel, hoes, rakes, brooms, machetes, pocketknives, gloves (men, women, and kids), chains, water hoses and attachments. Gardening tools: spreaders, seeders, dusters, and sprayers of all sizes.

    Vet supplies

    We carry a well-rounded supply of all types: vaccines, wormers (all species), antibiotics, fly products, grooming, shampoos, conditioners, fungicides, flea products, supplements, sand clear supplements, weight supplements, wound care products, hoof care products, dog and pet supplements, and suture material. Many changes have happened in the vet supplement area, let us know what you have going on and maybe we can advise a way to work your program or problem.


    Saddle pads, bridles, bits, halters, leads, whips, hay bags, brushes, grooming products, consignment saddles, saddle racks, oils, cleaning products, billet sets, lariat ropes, spurs, hoof trimming equipment, and clippers of all sizes.

    Exotic Pet

    We carry many supplies for your pet birds and small exotics. We carry feeders, waters, bedding, mineral rings, feed, and hay bags. We also carry small animal cages that work well for many small pets. Our supplies take care of many of your parrots, parakeet, pigeons, cockatiel, dozes, ferrets, quinine pigs, gerbils, hamsters, sugar gliders, turtles, wild birds, squirrels, rats, and many others.


    We carry a large variety of dog food to meet all needs. Whether your dog is big or little, young or old, fast or slow, we will have something for him to eat. We also stock a wide variety of collars, bark control collars, training collars, invisible fence system, vaccines, leads, toys, flea products, kennels, crates, fencing, large auto dog feeders and treats. We carry a large line of the Pet Safe Systems to help with your pets issues.


    Corn, deer nuggets, deer minerals, deer supplements, seasonal planting mixes, dog training collars, reflective collars. We also make ID plates for the collars.


    All stages of pond restoration and repair. Algae, fungus, weeds, de-mucking, and coloration. We carry the Crystal Blue System along with other products that work in your pond system.


    Inside and outside. Do it yourself is easy and less expensive. Fleas, ticks, roaches, spiders, chinch bugs, bedbugs, snakes, and other varmints. In your house, in your yard, or in your trees, ask us about what you might need, and we can help. We also carry Live Trap pens of all sizes.


    Vegetables, lawns, and pastures (over-seeding or starting from scratch), organic, seed, and starter plants. How to care for them. Small amounts and bulk. Garden fertilizer and pest control applications and necessary equipment. We offer soil sampling and analysis. We are VPG certified in chemical and fertilizer application. Our knowledge and experience can assist you with all your gardening/planting needs, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro.


    Baby chickens (girls, boys if we need them), seasonal turkeys. From time to time: Adult chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc. We can handle all your needs with your poultry projects from baby chicks to older foul and meat production.

    If you can’t find it, then ask and we will try to get it.

    Come in a visit or call and ask us about what you might need.